We are a Boutique Day Spa where you can walk through our door take a deep breath in and immediately unwind in a Beautiful and Relaxing environment while enjoying a glass of our Signature Lavender Infused Green Tea.

Specializing in Advanced Skincare, Anti-Aging Treatments and a wide range of Massage Therapy Modalities.

We take pride in making sure you receive the best experience from start to finish leaving you thinking about your next visit.

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I wanted to say “thank you” for your tireless efforts to always ensure that your clients are given the most amazing treatment from the moment they walk in the door until they leave. I believe that arriving into the lobby and taking in the aromatherapy coupled with special lighting and music starts the amazing decompression from anything and everything that normally consumes our daily lives. As it relates to the actual treatment given, one can instantly realize and appreciate that you take great pride in ensuring that one is given not only excellent care but also educated to better take care of themselves. As if all of this wasn’t enough, departing with the glass of cold Lavender Green Tea that you actually take the time to handcraft completes the amazing visit. Again it’s very apparent you ultimately care about the treatment every client receives with tireless attention to detail…
-Aaron Miller
I have been a loyal client of Tracy Saunders for 5 yrs. and words simply fail to do justice for the amazing energy and ambiance that you can expect with Tracy.  Tracy exudes calm and tranquility while maintaining an impeccable level of professionalism.  I've lived in Modesto for over 20 yrs. and I know that there is no other day spa that can come close to Tracy's European Spa Facial (or massage for that matter).  I have a very difficult time unwinding and trying to relax, but I have developed a trust with Tracy and a comfort level where I can truly allow myself to do just that....RELAX!  Also, if you have skin discoloration or scars, Tracy's custom facial peels bring results that are beyond extraordinary!
-Anna Olide
After my first appointment with Tracy, I knew why she came so highly recommended. She is heads above the rest in skin care. Her relaxing treatments use the highest quality skin care products, not to mention, the ambiance is super charming and peaceful. You can't go wrong with any of her facial packages but my favorite is the European facial with microdermabrasion...heaven on earth! My skin has never looked and felt better. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she is also a really great person. She has such a kind and positive spirit and I truly look forward to each appointment with her. If you are looking to relax, treat your skin and feel pampered, you must go see her!!!
-Cassidy Sanders
I was blessed to have found Tracy Saunders when I was looking for an esthetician nearby. She may not have been working with the product I was looking for; but WOW was I glad that I gave her a try. I have been a client for about five years and have been to many estheticians. I believe Tracy is the best in town!
Little over a year ago I was in a bad cycling accident where I lost my two front teeth had five stitches on my upper lip, so you can imagine my road rash was very bad! The very next day I received a phone call from Tracy (that’s Facebook for ya!) she was so kind and concerned on what she could do to help my healing process. Two days later, she took time in-between her already scheduled appointments to get a game plan going for the road rash and scaring - she handed me two little bottles of her professional enhancers to put on daily and talked with me about the importance of clean eating, which is extremely important to heal quickly.
Tracy does amazing facials. Everything is customized for me and she leaves my skin smooth and beautiful. I now trust and love the product line she uses as well!
Cindy Kilroy- Largent, Escalon, CA
Tracy is like a breath of fresh air with her treatments. I have told her, as I sigh with satisfaction, that it is refreshing to find a place so completely relaxing that I look forward to the next visit the moment I leave the current one.
-Emily L
I could say Tracy is great, but that would be an understatement. She is beyond amazing at what she does, and for the past 5 years she’s really changed my life by helping me with my skin problem. When I first started seeing her my face was covered in cystic acne and within a year she helped me achieve beautiful flawless skin! I was so impressed, and she gave me something I thought I never would have when it came to my skin, and that was confidence! In 2014 I moved away for a year and since I wasn’t able to see her the cystic acne came back to haunt me. However, when I moved back for a little bit at the beginning of the year it only took a month of seeing her religiously to make my skin flawless again! She truly has a gift and I would  recommend her to anyone! Not only is she awesome with facials, but she does a fabulous job with waxing and massages as well! She’s the whole package and I’m so happy to have her in my life!!
-Erica Cruz
I was introduced to Tracy a few short years ago by my niece.  Since then I have been on Tracy 5-6 week appointments because she has such a great following you cant just make a last minute appointment. Tracy is more than an  esthetician, she is a massage therapist, spiritual therapist and just a fantastic listener.  She knows skin very well. When I came back from an over seas trip she set me up with the perfect treatment for skin rehydration.  I recommend Tracy and haven't been able to do that with others.
-Katie V
Tracy is honest, peaceful, sincere, patient and a beautiful lady inside and out.  I met Tracy by accident but I know it wasn’t an accident at all but a blessing. She makes you feel and look beautiful.  I am the first person in Tracy’s new appointment book each year as I spend ½ my day on my birthday receiving the most wonderful facial and massage.  Tracy has become a good friend over the past 5 years. She has wonderful listening skills paired with her sense of humor and a touch of class.  She will join you for a hearty laugh and shed a tear with you any time of day and sometimes tears of laughter. Her work ethic is outstanding.  Tracy is truly one of my angels!! 
-Laura Isaac
I did some research, and have done some internet-searching for quotes, but in the end, I couldn't use someone else's words to describe how my encounters with Tracy feel. The moment I enter her
"Sanctuary", I am immediately calmed, and can take a deep, soothing breath. The atmosphere of the lighting, aroma, and ambiance instantly welcome me into relaxation, and comfort. And, then this beautiful, smiling face welcomes me into her skilled, spiritual, professional grace, that exceeds a facial rejuvenation, and transcends me to total belief and energy in what life holds before me. I am more of a positive person because of this wonderful friend I've made, who is an amazing Esthetician, but mostly an incredible person.
-Terri Gagon
From the moment you walk in the door, your stress dissipates, you instantly know you are going to be taken well care of. You know that the person who has so carefully crafted this business truly cares about her clients. Decor is modern but has elements of new age and zen. Tracy has been my esthetician for years and I have watched her grow her business into this beautiful, whole, wellness center. She is so careful and precise, you know she genuinely cares about her clientele. She will work you in to her schedule, text you reminders, and set product aside for you that she knows you will need! Tracy is one of the best customer service oriented business owners I have ever met. Not only is she an amazing entrepreneur, this woman is skilled in skin health as well. Her touch is healing, even spiritual in a sense. She has helped my skin so much with her continued care, at-home products and suggestions she so lovingly gives you for overall health. I have tried others, but always return. She is truly THE BEST I have ever found. No need to look elsewhere, this is everything you will need and more.
-Victoria Popoff